The T'Kint Agency, heritage architect

The Nathalie T'Kint architectural agency was created by Nathalie T'Kint (graduate of the Centre d'Etudes de Chaillot and the Centre Raymond Lemaire in LEUVEN, High Environmental Quality accreditation).

Our expertise in both traditional and modern construction techniques is based on twenty years experience and enables us to work at every level of design, restoration and rehabilitation in architecture, programming, planning and landscaping.

The agency's dynamic is clearly expressed through its streamlined working approach. It is dedicated to responding in a refined, contemporary and restrained manner to programmes on a range of scales.

The Nathalie T'kint agency contributes to the development of a heritage culture through numerous projects and designs with the desire to offer functional requalification in response to current needs.

The enhanced value of the programmes and potential offered by existing architecture is clearly demonstrated through projects that transform former industrial wastelands, cultural, religious and rural buildings.

Particular projects such as the Lille Prefecture, the old Tourcoing doubling mill and the Boulogne Tribunal de Grande Instance law courts have gained the agency its reputation for contemporary vision and rigorous savoir-faire.

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